Photos of EASSy’s Mombasa landing…

As promised, some photos of the landing in Mombasa of the EASSy submarine cable: 
Speeches at EASSy's Mombasa landing

1. Speakers at the media briefing: Chris Wood – WIOCC CEO,  Samuel Poghisio – Information & Communication minister, General Hamadoun Toure –  ITU Secretary, and Charles Njoroge – Director General of  the CCK…

EASSy landing at Mombasa

2. The EASSy cable being brought ashore in Mombasa from the Ile de Sein cable laying ship…


Buoy-signing ceremony

3. Information minister Samuel Poghisio signs a buoy, watched closely by WIOCC CEO Chris Wood (right) and CCK Director-General Charles Njoroge (left)…



A recent article about the landing:


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