EASSy Tanzania landing photos

Here are the most recent pictures from Tanzania, showing the landing.

EASSy lands in Tanzania

The EASSy cable landed at 11.00 am on the morning of April 7th, on the Msasani Peninsula shoreline near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This picture shows the cable on the beach, with red buoys marking its route towards the cable laying vessel Ile de Batz.

John Sihra, WIOCC Chairman

John Sihra, the WIOCC Chairman, said at the event that the EASSy cable would improve high-capacity optic connectivity within Africa and the rest of the world. “Today we are experiencing an historic event because through this technology Tanzania is now open to the world for business, as better communication would facilitate more trade with other countries. The telecom companies too will benefit as their operational costs will be substantially reduced as they will move from using satellites and, in turn, communication costs will go down for the end users,” he added.

EASSy beach man-hole, Msasani Peninsula, Tanzania

EASSy is the highest capacity system being built on the Eastern seaboard,and is the only one to offer a direct route to Europe.

See the previous post for additional differentiators between WIOCC’s services and those offered on other cables. 
Further details about the landing event itself can be found at: http://www.wiocc.net/downloads/Tanzania_Final_Press_Release.pdf

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