SEA-ME-WE 4 outage reinforces resilience concerns

The recent outage on the Sea-Me-We 4 cable being used by Seacom to route its connections to Europe, once again reinforces the need for service providers to have capacity on multiple systems to ensure continuity in delivery of their international traffic. 

WIOCC-EASSy's 'collapsed ring' design

WIOCC’s EASSy cable has been designed with resilience in mind right from the start. It is the only one in the region based on a “collapsed ring” design end-to-end, enabling traffic to be rerouted the opposite way around the ring, minimising the impact of cable cuts and many of the more common equipment failures.

Our terrestrial backhaul networks provide alternative routes between landing stations, and the connectivity agreements we are putting in place with a variety of global service providers ensure further protection for international traffic, particularly in areas where cable cuts are common (such as the high risk areas of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean).

Contact us on for more information about our focus on reliability, and to discuss your requirements in this area.


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