Meeting WIOCC – June-July 2010

Following on from our successful participation in the Telecoms World North Africa event in Cairo, where we met with North African and Middle East service providers, there are more opportunities to meet WIOCC.

Right now, Samuel Ndungu, WIOCC’s CFO, and Dickson Mbando (from the Commercial team) are attending the Submarine Networks MENA event in Dubai, UAE – delivering an update presentation and manning the WIOCC stand.

WIOCC will be Silver Sponsor at the World Telecoms Council meeting on Emerging Markets & Wholesale Telecoms in London, UK between 29-30th June. WIOCC’s CEO, Chris Wood, and Mike Last will be attending, with Chris addressing the Day 2 audience on “African Connectivity Opportunities for International Service Providers”.

On July 12-15th, WIOCC will be sponsoring the Business Zone and a cocktail reception at Submarine Networks World Africa in Johannesburg, S. Africa. Chris Wood will be speaking on “Submarine Cable Routes”, and will be accompanied by WIOCC’s CCO James Wekesa and Winnie Karisa.

Please contact us at to pre-arrange meetings at any of these events.


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