WIOCC Revolutionises Global Communication with Eastern & Southern Africa

International Press Release: Just seven months after commencing cable installation and following a comprehensive programme of testing, WIOCC is proud to announce the opening of a 1.4 Terabit per second, 10,000 km fibre-optic submarine cable system along the east coast of Africa – from South Africa to Sudan, and with onward connection to global markets.

Completed on time and on budget, WIOCC’s EASSy (East African Submarine System) cable now enables the affordable, reliable delivery of faster internet access for African users and enhanced voice and data services for the international marketplace.

The only East African system with built-in, end-to-end resilience, EASSy will revolutionise global connectivity to and from 21 countries in eastern and southern Africa. The nine landing countries for the cable are: South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, the Comores, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan.

WIOCC’s fibre-optic submarine cable and ‘collapsed ring’ structure, which provides protection against branch cuts and equipment failure, will for the first time enable telecommunications carriers in the world’s commercial and financial centres to provide customers with reliable, low-cost, high-speed telecoms services to and from this region of Africa.

Business model transformed

Previous business models were typically based on long-term, high capital expenditure contracts. However, WIOCC offers carriers uniquely flexible and scaleable capacity and contract duration options – starting from as short as one month and as little as 2Mbps of capacity, with the ability to scale up to 10Gbps and migrate to system lifetime contracts if they desire.

WIOCC CEO Chris Wood commented: “Not only does our cable system provide the lowest latency internet connections and best ever voice and data service reliability to this region of Africa, but our unique approach to contract capacity and duration also provides businesses with the crucial flexibility they desire.

EASSy opens up important growth opportunities for domestic businesses and creates exciting potential for international organisations to expand within the region. Business process outsourcing into Africa is set to expand on the back of enhanced communications, with businesses offering back-office functions and call centre-type services expected to be in the vanguard of the growth. Similarly, the improved connection reliability and data transfer speeds will help the African offices of international organisations participate more fully in data transfer-based business activity.

Outage ‘insurance’ costs to plummet

The launch of EASSy, with its increased capacity and reliability, will dramatically reduce the cost to businesses of purchasing spare capacity options on other cable and satellite networks, to cover themselves against the potential impact of any international network outage.

One Stop Shop

WIOCC offers ISPs and telcos an end-to-end contract that covers all elements of the connectivity ‘journey’ – including network backhaul into landlocked countries and network support. This one stop shop facility means organisations can elect to sign a single contract covering the end to end transfer of voice and data along their chosen route, thus eliminating the financial and time overhead of having to negotiate with multiple providers for service provisioning, fault management and billing.


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