What’s different about WIOCC-EASSy?

EASSy capacity is not the same as capacity on other systems… but why not?

Although I covered this in a post earlier this year, the system going live is a good excuse to revisit it.

Essentially, the EASSy system has been developed and built by carriers for carriers. It is designed to be extremely robust and reliable in order to deliver the very high levels of performance required by our shareholders and clients.

Purchasing EASSy capacity offers a number of advantages compared to buying capacity on other systems:

  • EASSy is the only east coast system based on a ‘collapsed ring’ topology end-to-end, meaning that it automatically re-routes around branch cable breaks or branch/landing station equipment failures should they occur anywhere on the EASSy system.  In such an event, traffic between unaffected landing stations may temporarily take a longer route, but the communications path will be maintained.
  • EASSy connectivity is delivered direct to Europe, following the shortest route from the east coast via the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, and thereby offering the lowest latency of any east coast system, promising sub-200ms S. Africa–London connectivity (and even better from more northerly locations).
  • Unlike other systems, our onward connectivity to Europe is delivered over diverse international cable systems, minimizing the impact of any single-cable outage and maximising the durability of the traffic path.
  • Range of speeds offered: we can deliver anything from E1 (2Mbps) up to multiple wavelengths.

Diversity is the key to improving the reliability of  international traffic into and out of Africa. The arrival of EASSy has significantly increased the  diversity options available to African and international service providers, and also offers a combination of features and design that give service providers an unprecedented degree of reassurance and new opportunities for differentiated service offerings.

For more information, contact info@wiocc.net


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