WIOCC shareholder to launch 3G services

WIOCC shareholder Zantel has announced that the firm is set to roll out its 3G network in April.

This new development is enabling Zantel to become a converged services provider capable of delivering data, wholesale and voice services, with the new network set to offer high-speed mobile internet access, mobile video-conferencing and videophone, among other services not possible with its existing 2.5G system.

The technology will boost its client base, including corporate organisations whose employees work in the field and require faster and reliable internet.

“In this case, our focus will be on enhancing network quality for an improved customer experience when using our services,” says Zantel CEO, Norman Moyo, “and launching innovative products targeting specific segments to ensure that our customers get value for their money.”

Implementation of a 3G network will enable Zantel to offer consumers a choice between its existing GPRS/ EDGE capability and 3G wide-area coverage on voice calls and Internet access. “With this in mind,” he says, “our strategy is to be the first converged services provider by offering data, wholesale and voice services”. Zantel will further focus on growth of its broadband business, targeting the corporate, high-value customers and retaining their existing customers.

The 3G technology will be introduced in phases starting with Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, with later extension to other parts of the country.

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