WIOCC shareholder teams pool expertise

WIOCC has held its first Sales & Commercial Conference for shareholders and sales agents. The conference, held in Naivasha, Kenya between 9th and 12th March 2011, brought together 44 delegates from WIOCC’s shareholders and agents in the different countries of Africa.

The conference built on sales training carried out during the second half of 2010 and earlier this year. It was designed as a platform for discussion between representatives of key functions within WIOCC shareholder teams – to boost knowledge and understanding, exploit synergies and recognise and address common challenges and opportunities. Those present included sales & commercial teams, pricing and billing managers, technical and regulatory teams from across WIOCC and its shareholders.

WIOCC shareholders share knowledge of African markets

“It was a good experience for us to take part in that event, as we are starting work on the Sales Plan now thanks to the insights from the conference.” said Celestin Bukene, Sales Director at UCom Burundi.

The three-day event culminated in a bush dinner at which WIOCC was able to recognise its shareholders for their performance over the nine months since EASSy went live.

United Africa... at the bush dinner

The whole event proved extremely successful in creating an environment for shareholder sales, commercial  and technical teams to meet and interact with each other, pooling their experience and insights from across WIOCC’s markets in pursuit of the common vision of a United Africa, Connecting the World.

Rankobane Mathule, Director Technical Division from Lesotho Communication Authority said, “It was a very engaging workshop in essence and I derived great pleasure in interacting with other shareholders and the interaction which ensued. Let us all keep the ball rolling and I earnestly believe we are onto something great for the African continent.”