EASSy upgraded to 4.72Tbps

For anyone who missed the announcement, the design capacity of the EASSy system has been increased to 4.72Tbps. This is based on the latest 40Gbps wavelength technology from supplier Alcatel-Lucent, which enables 59 x 40Gbps to be configured on each of EASSy’s two fibre-pairs.

As a result, EASSy now represents more than 70 per cent of all the international fibre-optic inventory on Africa’s east coast (the international capacity of alternatives TEAMS and Seacom being 1.2 and 0.6Tbps respectively), and it still offers the only direct route between eastern Africa and Europe – via the African coastline, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

The EASSy Management Committee has also announced that EASSy’s operational capacity will be more than doubled at the end of this year, driven by faster-than-expected capacity uptake by shareholders and other domestic and international telcos and ISPs.

For more information, contact info@wiocc.net.