New mobile technology for Africa

The University of Cape Town (UCT) and electronics giant Samsung have teamed up to develop unique mobile phone applications that will satisfy the needs of people living in Africa. The technology will be built in a multimillion-rand facility called the UCT Samsung Mobile Innovation Laboratory (SMILe). The lab was established because Africa, and South Africa in particular, has unique challenges and opportunities regarding the innovation of mobile applications. Mobile applications come in the form of software that can be pre-installed or downloaded by various types of handheld devices like personal digital assistants, smart phones or mobile phones.

Prof Jean-Paul van Belle, head of information systems at UCT, came up with the idea to develop the project. Van Belle said: “This initiative will bring together academics, practitioners and researchers to pursue innovative and meaningful research and to develop leading-edge products and applications that will be relevant to Africans in improving quality of life and providing novel solutions to uniquely African needs.”

‘Built in Africa, for Africa, by Africa’
The project, which will run for three years, is the first of its kind for Samsung. It has recognised the potential to develop applications especially suited to people living on continent considering its unprecedented growth of mobile phone users.

The full article was published on the website – read it here.


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