WIOCC’s ‘Connected’ international newsletter, Issue #3

Click here for the third issue of Connected from WIOCC, breaking opinions on topical issues relating to international connectivity.

Connected, Issue #3

Fuelled by massive improvements in capacity, connectivity and reliability, Africa is in the midst of a staggering explosion in internet users – up from 4.5 million in 2000 to around 111 million users today. The increased affordability of mobile handsets, combined with a relative lack of legacy systems, has led to the African continent embracing mobile broadband and leading the world in mobile banking.

This month’s expert panel includes: John Davis from Intel; Ms Robyn Milham from Research In Motion (RIM); Angel Dobardziev, Practice Leader at Ovum; Bradley Shaw, Editor of Africa Telecoms magazine; and WIOCC COO, Ryan Sher.

We asked our experts to name three other sectors or services they think will flourish in this new way of working and living, and at least one  which they believe is particularly vulnerable unless it adapts…

Review the discussion by clicking here.


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