WIOCC’s Connected international newsletter, Issue #2

Following the publication of Issue #3 of Connected, I have been asked to add the first two issues to the blog. So here goes for Issue #2… and #1 will follow later this week.

Click here for the second issue of Connected from WIOCC, breaking opinions on topical issues relating to international connectivity.

Connected, Issue #2

The increasing availability of lower-cost, higher-speed connectivity with and within Africa is making it easier for telcos, ISPs and multi-national corporations to maximise communications network uptime by investing in additional network diversity. However, with the diversity strategy of some of these organisations slow to change, we posed the following question to our panel of experts:

To what extent will investing now in newly-available options to increase network diversity – both terrestrially and internationally – prove to be a vital element in ensuring business success for telcos, ISPs and multi-national businesses operating in Africa?

This month’s expert panel includes: Tim Gigg from Vodafone Group; David James, Principal Analyst at Ovum; Steve Song, Founder of Village Telco; Russell Southwood, CEO of Balancing Act;  Angela Partington, Editor of Capacity magazine; and WIOCC CEO, Chris Wood

Review the discussion by clicking here.


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