WIOCC’s ‘Connected’ international newsletter, Issue #5

The 5th issue of Connected has recently been released, breaking opinions on topical issues relating to international connectivity.

The Economist recently ran a front-page story: “Africa’s hopeful economies: the sun shines bright – the continent’s impressive growth looks likely to continue”. Many African countries and regions are experiencing strong growth – but not all. We asked our panel of experts:

  • Martin Phelps – Director, Strategy & Market Development, AT&T
  • Diarmid Massey – Managing Director, Wholesale & Carrier Business, Cable&Wireless Worldwide
  • Russell Southwood – CEO, Balancing Act
  • Roz Roseboro – Lead Analyst, Analysys Mason
  • Andrew Croft – Managing Editor, African Review of Business and Technology
  • James Wekesa – CCO, WIOCC

“What is the reality for organisations seeking to ride the wave of increasing prosperity in a continent powered by major improvements in high-capacity, international and terrestrial connectivity, and is there a good business case for telcos to be investing in the continent Q3/4 2012?”

Read their thoughts here.


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