WIOCC CEO Chris Wood on a panel at Capacity Middle East

WIOCC CEO, Chris Wood, will be participating in a panel discussion on Tuesday 5th March, 2013 at the Capacity Middle East in Dubai.  Mr. Wood will provide expert insight and comment within the International connectivity panel session titled ‘Understanding capacity requirements and creating stronger international links.’

As capacity becomes more readily available into, within and out of African markets, the panel of industry experts will discuss a range of significant topics including:

1) Evaluate developing connectivity and capacity between the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa

  • promoting market competition with new route developments
  • anticipating the impact of 100G cables and upgrades

2) Understanding the capacity and connectivity needs of carriers inside and outside the region as well services offered

  • measuring increasing demand for connectivity between Middle East and East Africa

3) Terrestrial vs. subsea connectivity – which routes will see the greatest growth

  • subsea connectivity
  • new and planned cable rollouts and upgrades; ensuring resiliency to maintain connectivity
  • terrestrial connectivity: an update on planned alternative routes
  • predicting the benefit of alternative routes and understanding the challenges

4) Determining future prospects in Middle Eastern transit route development and potential changes in global connectivity

  • what is the business case for a new connection between Middle East and India
  • predicting which markets in Asia and Africa will experience the strongest growth

“African telecommunications markets in particular are undergoing fundamental and irreversible change,” said Chris Wood. “Competition is growing, new networks are being deployed and customer demand is escalating particularly for internet and other data-intensive applications. Consequently, carriers and internet service providers in these markets, or evaluating market entry, are increasingly dependent on their ability to source cost-effective and high-quality international connectivity services.”

 “I am looking forward to a lively discussion with my fellow panel members, and hope that this will help those in the audience who are evaluating and implementing solutions to deliver scalable, resilient and cost-effective international links.”


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