WIOCC’s Business Update: H1 2015

Bunsiess Update iconWIOCC publishes a business update capturing progress made in the company for its customers. This issue of the business update is on topical news relating to WIOCC’s international and Africa connectivity. Some of the updates covered in this issue are:

Bringing high-speed, international connectivity to Somalia

Individuals and businesses in Somalia, and international organisations wanting to do business with or in the country, can now benefit from reliable, direct, high-capacity fibre-optic connectivity to the global internet. This became possible when WIOCC, working in partnership with local operator Dalkom Somalia, fundamentally changed the international connectivity landscape of one of the last ‘corners’ of Africa previously without direct fibre-optic connectivity and helped create a vital platform for sustainable economic growth…….

WIOCC grows its African network

Delivering uncompromisingly high levels of customer service and satisfaction to its expanding customer base of national and international carriers and ISPs, is a cornerstone of WIOCC’s offering. By building more PoPs (Points of Presence) at key customer-driven locations within Africa, WIOCC is able to provide additional, highly cost-effective protection to customers against service interruptions along its traffic routes. Across the continent, including new locations such as Maseru in Lesotho, WIOCC now operates 23 PoPs – either solely or in partnership with its shareholders…..

Customer-led IP transit services

WIOCC has developed its IP Transit service especially for ISPs, Content Providers and other service operators who need dedicated access to the internet (IPv4 & IPv6), providing a high-quality and efficient way of achieving congestion-free internet connectivity.

It offers connectivity to the entire global internet content through access to WIOCC’s BGP routing table, including partnerships with Tier-1 operators, as well as private and public transit-free peering agreements with major global IP networks – both on a national and international level……..

You can read the full publication on Business Update May 2015


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