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WIOCC is the largest single investor in EASSy, owning 29% of the system’s capacity and representing the interests of its 12 shareholders – all being major telecom players in  Africa. WIOCC is also funded by a number of global Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s) such as World Bank, AfDB, AFD & KFW. Through WIOCC, telecommunications service providers are able to buy reliable, low-cost, high-speed connections between 20 countries across south, central and eastern Africa and the rest of the world. WIOCC’s shareholders own extensive national fibre networks and these are being interconnected to extend reach to more and more locations across east, central and southern Africa. 




EASSy is a 10,000km fibre-optic submarine cable system currently being laid along the east coast of Africa It runs from Sudan in the north to South Africa in the south, landing in a further 7 countries in between (Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, The Comores, Madagascar and Mozambique. Not only is EASSy the largest submarine cable in Africa (capable of carrying around 12 million typical internet sessions), but it also interconnects with other international cable systems, uniquely providing direct connectivity between east Africa and Europe and the USA, as well as links to the Middle East and Asia.




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