WIOCC’s double success at AfricaCom awards

  • WIOCC wins two awards for bringing direct, high-capacity, international connectivity to Somalia for the first time: helping transform life in the country and grow confidence in Somalia’s economic prospects
  • Best Connectivity Solutions for Africa Award recognises considerable improvement in rural, urban and under-served area’s connectivity
  • Best Network Improvement Award acknowledges significant improvement in a network’s performance or coverage

At the 7th Annual AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town (12 November), Africa’s carriers’ carrier WIOCC won the Best Network Improvement and Best Connectivity Solutions for Africa awards for bringing direct, high-capacity, international connectivity to Somalia for the first time.

l-r: John Sihra, WIOCC Chairman; Chris Wood, WIOCC CEO; Mohamed Ahmed Jama, Dalkom Somalia CEO
l-r: John Sihra, WIOCC Chairman; Chris Wood, WIOCC CEO; Mohamed Ahmed Jama, Dalkom Somalia CEO

According to WIOCC CEO Chris Wood, “These two awards recognise the work we have done to connect Somalia to the global telecommunications network. This initiative has taken six years to achieve and has faced innumerable and seemingly impossible hurdles to overcome. We persevered, never gave up and finally achieved our goal when the EASSy cable was landed in Mogadishu in late 2013.”

“We launched service in February this year and already the impact on the country has been immense. We can see from the rapid traffic growth that more and more people are being connected on a daily basis. This growth curve will accelerate over the coming months as access is extended further into Mogadishu and across the country. “

Through WIOCC, local internet service providers (ISPs) have been able to increase their international capacity and take advantage of improved options for reliability and diversity, and latency reductions of up to 80%. This speed difference has been described as “similar to the difference between day and night”, with the BBC reporting, “… people flocking to hotels and internet cafes to experience a fast service for the first time, where some got their first sight of video platforms such as YouTube and social networking sites”.


Meet WIOCC in September

This month, WIOCC will be attending Submarine Networks World Singapore and Capacity Africa in Dar es Salaam.

Between 10th and 12th September, Chris Wood (WIOCC CEO) and John Sihra (WIOCC Chairman) will be representing WIOCC at the Submarine Networks World Singapore event at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. They will be available for meetings throughout the event and  Chris will be participating in an expert panel session entitled “Middle East & Africa cable project showcase” on Thursday 12th September.

WIOCC are also Gold Sponsors of Capacity Africa 2013 – the meeting place for carriers active in African wholesale markets.

This event will take place on 17th and 18th September, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. WIOCC will  sponsor a cocktail event on the first evening and James Wekesa (WIOCC’s CCO) will participate in a panel discussion, entitled “Building reliable infrastructure & capitalising on infrastructure efficiency”.  WIOCC’s events, sales and marketing teams – and WIOCC’s local shareholder, Zantel – will be available at the WIOCC booth (#5) throughout the event to answer your questions.

To arrange meetings with the WIOCC team at either event, please contact Winnie at Winnie.karisa@wiocc.net

WIOCC at SubOptic 2013

WIOCC is attending the SubOptic 2013 conference from 22 – 25 April 2013, at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche hotel in Paris, France.

WIOCC are represented at the event by John Sihra (Chairman) and Chris Wood (CEO). John Sihra will be presenting in a session on ‘Project Development and Implementation’ chaired by Pierre Trembla, OCI Vice Chairman. John’s presentation, which is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd April at 3:30 – 5:00pm, will discuss ‘The Success of the EASSy Consortium Model’.

To set up a meeting with the John Sihra or Chris Wood, please contact Winnie Karisa at Winnie.karisa@wiocc.net or at info@wiocc.net.

WIOCC at Submarine Networks World Africa this week

WIOCC will be attending the Submarine Networks World Africa event at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, S. Africa this week. Chris Wood, Ryan Sher, Hitesh Desai and Marcel Bhattı will all be there from WIOCC and John Sihra will represent the EASSy consortium.

To set up a meeting, please email info@wiocc.net

Chris will be speaking at 09:40 on Day 2 of the event (27th July), and Ryan will participate in a panel session at 16:40 on Day 1 (26th July) covering Submarine Cable Routes and Landing Points. The WIOCC exhibition stand (#6) will be manned throughout the event.

Meeting WIOCC in September

WIOCC will be participating in a number of events over the coming months, both in Africa and around the globe. Please contact us at info@wiocc.net if you’d like to arrange a meeting, or look out for the WIOCC stand if you are attending one of these events.

James Wekesa

7-8: AITEC Kenya ICT Congress, Nairobi, Kenya

James Wekesa, WIOCC CCO,  will be speaking on:“WIOCC-EASSy: The Opportunity for East African ISPs and Carriers.”

13-16: Telecoms World Africa, Cape Town, S. Africa

James Wekesa will be participating in a Panel session on: “Infrastructure Deployment and Utilising Cost-effective Broadband Strategies.”

21-22: Capacity Africa, Nairobi, Kenya – Gold Sponsor

Chris Wood

John Sihra, WIOCC Chairman,  will be participating in a Keynote Panel session on: “Bridging The Fibre Gap: Transforming Africa’s Infrastructure & Promoting Market Innovation.”

Chris Wood, WIOCC CEO, will be participating in a Keynote Panel session on: Subsea Perspective: Connecting  Africa to the International Backbone.

WIOCC will also be sponsoring a cocktail evening during the conference.


4-7: Telecoms World Middle East (and Carriers World), Dubai, UAE – Silver Sponsor

Mike Last, Director of Business Development & International Marketing will be participating in the Subsea Panel session.

Mike Last, WIOCC

Please contact us at info@wiocc.net to arrange a face-to-face meeting at any of these events, or come along to talk to us at our stand.

WIOCC to be Gold Sponsors at Capacity Africa

With WIOCC’s EASSy system now live, WIOCC will be Gold Sponsors of Capacity Africa 2010, which will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya on 21st – 22nd September 2010.

John Sihra, WIOCC’s Chairman will participate in a Keynote panel, “Bridging the Fibre Gap: Transforming Africa’s Infrastructure and Promoting Market Innovation” together with a CEO panel from Bharti Airtel,  Gateway Communications, Liquid Telecom and Telkom Kenya.

On Day 2, Chris Wood, WIOCC’s CEO will be on a second Keynote panel session, ” Sub-sea Perspective: Connecting Africa to the International Backbone – East Africa” together with representatives from Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Main One,  Seacom and Telecom Egypt.

We would love to see you at the event, whether or not we have met with you before. If you would like to arrange a meeting with anyone from the WIOCC team, or if you would like us to contact you, please email us at info@wiocc.net

EASSy Tanzania landing photos

Here are the most recent pictures from Tanzania, showing the landing.

EASSy lands in Tanzania

The EASSy cable landed at 11.00 am on the morning of April 7th, on the Msasani Peninsula shoreline near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This picture shows the cable on the beach, with red buoys marking its route towards the cable laying vessel Ile de Batz.

John Sihra, WIOCC Chairman

John Sihra, the WIOCC Chairman, said at the event that the EASSy cable would improve high-capacity optic connectivity within Africa and the rest of the world. “Today we are experiencing an historic event because through this technology Tanzania is now open to the world for business, as better communication would facilitate more trade with other countries. The telecom companies too will benefit as their operational costs will be substantially reduced as they will move from using satellites and, in turn, communication costs will go down for the end users,” he added.

EASSy beach man-hole, Msasani Peninsula, Tanzania

EASSy is the highest capacity system being built on the Eastern seaboard,and is the only one to offer a direct route to Europe.

See the previous post for additional differentiators between WIOCC’s services and those offered on other cables. 
Further details about the landing event itself can be found at: http://www.wiocc.net/downloads/Tanzania_Final_Press_Release.pdf