WIOCC CEO Chris Wood on executive roundtable at ITW next week

WIOCC CEO, Chris Wood, will be participating in an executive roundtable on Tuesday 15th May at the International Telecoms Week in Chicago.

Mr Wood will provide expert insight and comment within the Spotlight on Africa panel session entitled ‘Connectivity and opportunity’.

As capacity becomes more readily available into, within and out of African markets, the panel of industry experts at this roundtable will discuss a range of important topics including:

1.  The impact on regional development
• enterprise growth – accessing new verticals; impact on broadband
• building backhaul to support last mile delivery
• improving carrier-grade transport

2. The opportunity in-region connectivity to landlocked countries presents for carriers
• expected ROIs and challenges – security issues for personnel and cables
• route diversity – role of radio technology vs. fixed line, regional loops

3. International connectivity – evaluating transport trends and problems
• examine patterns and reasons for traffic going east and west from Africa
• impact and drivers for new subsea cables on route diversity and existing cable capacity expansion
• business case for building to South America

4. Evaluating price compression in the voice and data markets
• oversupply of capacity; monopolistic subsea cables

5. New market opportunities and competition
• track the status of newly de-regulated countries
• a look at which countries are liable to open up in the short and medium term
• impact of increased competition on the wholesale environment

“The importance of international connectivity for Africa cannot be overestimated,” said WIOCC CEO Chris Wood. “Understanding both the opportunities and the challenges presented by African markets is crucial for successful decision-making.”

“I am looking forward to a lively discussion with my fellow panel members, and hope that this will help those in the audience who are developing and refining their strategies for the continent.”


WIOCC events schedule 2012

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EASSy upgraded to 4.72Tbps

For anyone who missed the announcement, the design capacity of the EASSy system has been increased to 4.72Tbps. This is based on the latest 40Gbps wavelength technology from supplier Alcatel-Lucent, which enables 59 x 40Gbps to be configured on each of EASSy’s two fibre-pairs.

As a result, EASSy now represents more than 70 per cent of all the international fibre-optic inventory on Africa’s east coast (the international capacity of alternatives TEAMS and Seacom being 1.2 and 0.6Tbps respectively), and it still offers the only direct route between eastern Africa and Europe – via the African coastline, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

The EASSy Management Committee has also announced that EASSy’s operational capacity will be more than doubled at the end of this year, driven by faster-than-expected capacity uptake by shareholders and other domestic and international telcos and ISPs.

For more information, contact info@wiocc.net.

WIOCC-EASSy enquiries growing fast

Here at WIOCC, with the launch of the system little more than a couple of months away, we are seeing a significant increase in enquiries about purchasing capacity on EASSy.

This is particularly pertinent given the internet issues currently being experienced by users of capacity on Seacom and TEAMS, both of which depend on the same single cable for onward connectivity from their terminations – in Mumbai, India and Fujairah, UAE respectively.

With the current outage threatening to run for 5 days or more,  many service providers and ISPs throughout eastern and southern Africa are coming under pressure from subscribers to justify this extended period of poor or non-existent international internet connectivity or risk losing them. 

To defend and grow customer bases, ISPs will increasingly need to develop more robust service offerings – made possible by increasing the diversity of both national and international connectivity.

WIOCC’s EASSy cable is different. It delivers an alternate, diverse route out of east Africa, but it is so much more than than…

WIOCC’s management team has a combined 40 years of experience in submarine fibre networks – experience that has been applied to the planning and design of a network to avoid such outages, with resilience and reliability in mind right from the start. EASSy offers better levels of resilience through:
  1. being the only system in the region based on a “collapsed ring” design end-to-end which provides a high degree of robustness, high reliability and low outage time. This advanced network topology allows internal restoration routing – basically, it enables traffic to be rerouted between landing stations in the event of a failure, thereby minimising the impact of cable cuts and many of the more common equipment faults.
  2. owning terrestrial backhaul networks that reach out to 21 countries throughout the eastern half of Africa, providing alternative routes between landing stations and so offering another path for customers’ traffic in the event of a network failure.
  3. setting up connectivity agreements with a variety of global service providers, ensuring further protection for international traffic, particularly in areas where cable cuts are common. In the high-risk areas of the Red Sea and Mediterranean, for example, we will use diverse paths on the EIG and Sea-Me-We 3 cable systems to minimise the risk of cable damage affecting our customers.
The EIG cable
The Sea-Me-We 3 system

EASSy also delivers the first direct route into Europe – from Africa straight through the Red Sea into the Mediterranean Sea – absolutely no detours via the Middle East or India… This promises the fastest possible response time for customers’ applications, and offers ISPs a way to differentiate themselves in a busy market.

If you don’t want to miss out, contact us on info@wiocc.net to set up a discussion with one of our team.