Meet WIOCC & Telkom Kenya Orange at East Africa Com ’11

The 7th annual East Africa Com returns to Nairobi on April 5th & 6th. The conference will take place at the Kenyatta Convention Centre, and is designed to deliver  market insight, practical solutions and best-practice benchmarks. 

The core of the event for WIOCC/Telkom Kenya Orange is networking, so we are preparing speed networking sessions for visitors to our exhibition stand, to ensure you are able to meet key people from both two companies. WIOCC’s team will be led by Chris Wood, WIOCC CEO, and will include James Wekesa (CCO), Winnie Karisa (PA to CEO & Marketing) and Gillian Koech (Marketing).

From Telkom Kenya Orange, Nemaisa Kiereini (Products & Marketing) and Robert Mutai will be ready to answer all your questions about Telkom Kenya Orange’s portfolio and the relationship between our two companies.

Visit the WIOCC/Telkom Kenya Orange exhibition stand to find out more about our network, our service offerings and what we can do for your business.  This is a great place for you to exchange ideas and to get your questions answered face-to-face.

For more information or to arrange a meeting/speed networking session, please email us at:


WIOCC shareholder teams pool expertise

WIOCC has held its first Sales & Commercial Conference for shareholders and sales agents. The conference, held in Naivasha, Kenya between 9th and 12th March 2011, brought together 44 delegates from WIOCC’s shareholders and agents in the different countries of Africa.

The conference built on sales training carried out during the second half of 2010 and earlier this year. It was designed as a platform for discussion between representatives of key functions within WIOCC shareholder teams – to boost knowledge and understanding, exploit synergies and recognise and address common challenges and opportunities. Those present included sales & commercial teams, pricing and billing managers, technical and regulatory teams from across WIOCC and its shareholders.

WIOCC shareholders share knowledge of African markets

“It was a good experience for us to take part in that event, as we are starting work on the Sales Plan now thanks to the insights from the conference.” said Celestin Bukene, Sales Director at UCom Burundi.

The three-day event culminated in a bush dinner at which WIOCC was able to recognise its shareholders for their performance over the nine months since EASSy went live.

United Africa... at the bush dinner

The whole event proved extremely successful in creating an environment for shareholder sales, commercial  and technical teams to meet and interact with each other, pooling their experience and insights from across WIOCC’s markets in pursuit of the common vision of a United Africa, Connecting the World.

Rankobane Mathule, Director Technical Division from Lesotho Communication Authority said, “It was a very engaging workshop in essence and I derived great pleasure in interacting with other shareholders and the interaction which ensued. Let us all keep the ball rolling and I earnestly believe we are onto something great for the African continent.”

Telkom Kenya to launch new communication platform

Telkom Kenya, a WIOCC shareholder, is launching an upgraded Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network in April. This GSM upgrade will allow mobile phone customers to do instant messaging, share live video and transfer files across any device, and on any network operator.

Telkom Kenya Chief Executive Mickael Ghossein says, “The new platform will enable our customers to communicate interactively with other people across mobile networks and devices in a simpler and fast way.

The Rich Communication Version (RCS) platform that Telkom is keen to introduce is an innovative service package for today’s ‘always-on’ mobile users, offering feature rich services to make mobile interaction even more central to their personal and business needs.

Ghossein has confirmed that the technology will be launched on their 3G network, which currently has over 80,000 subscribers. “This is just a way of boosting our services and offering value to our customers,” he said.

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More African telcos invest in WIOCC

Two leading African telcos have chosen to invest in WIOCC – the largest shareholder in EASSy, bringing to 14 the number of African telco shareholders in the company.

TelOne Zimbabwe and Libyan Post, Telecom and Information Technology Company (LPTIC) join Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, Dalkom Somalia, Djibouti Telecom, Gilat Satcom Nigeria Ltd., the Government of Seychelles, the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority, ONATEL Burundi, Telkom Kenya Ltd., TDM Mozambique, U-COM Burundi, Uganda Telecom Ltd. and Zantel Tanzania. 

Both new investors are actively engaged in rolling out fibre-optic networks in their respective countries, giving WIOCC the opportunitiy to further extend its reach across Africa. 

More details will be released shortly or contact for further information.